Eat, Work, Sleep, Repeat...
Does this sound familiar?

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You can change your life by adopting a healthier lifestyle!!

Do you try and get through each day feeling exhausted and stressed?


What if you could feel  great all day long, have abundant energy, be focused and perform at optimum levels with no ill health?


Our aim is to make a difference.


Because ALL aspects of our lives are affected by our state of health and wellbeing.


We guide groups of participants through Nutrition, Exercise & Yoga to an improved state of overall wellness.


We guide families to an integrated healthy unit.


We come to you, whether at your place of work, your corporate team building event or even to your home! Because we live in a society that is driven, the pressure is on from the moment we rise to the moment we fall into bed, whether you are male or female, breadwinner or home maker, professional or student. The spiral is generally downward. Running against the clock, we grab a fast meal, drink caffeinated, sugary drinks, try and get through a work day feeling exhausted and stressed, whilst our bodies become diseased. Obesity, coronary disease, type 2 diabetes, arthritis, IBS, to name but a few,  are prevalent in our society. We don't even think about what we eat and drink, how well we perform our tasks or if we get the rest we require.


Let us help you to change your lifestyle and in turn, live a happy, healthy life!

Corporate sessions are tailored to suit groups of up to 20 individuals.


Daily sessions -  minimum 2 hours.

Weekend sessions - minimum 5 hours.

Long term program tailored to the company needs

Private/ family session focus on each family member's individual needs.


Monthly - 2 or 3 x per week

"Eat to live,

don't live to eat"


Pure, natural foods promote good health.
Simple meals aid digestion & assimilation.
A healthy diet will help to attain a high standard of life, serenity of mind and keen intellect.
Understand that we should "Eat to live, not live to eat"


Why do we need a proper, balanced diet?

What is the connection between what we eat and how we feel?

How do we ensure that we provide our body with all the required nourishment?

Why do we need to keep our bodies hydrated?


In a detailed visually aided lecture, a qualified nutritional advisor will explore these and other questions and explain the benefits of an alkaline based diet.


We provide you with practical guidelines to prepare healthy,  balanced meals. We show you how easy it is to grow your own sprouts In your home we show you how to do weekly meal planning, prepare shopping lists and guide you to nutritious meals.


Guided by a qualified exercise specialist,  participants can enjoy a wide variety of exercise.


The sessions are tailored to specific needs within a  group of participants  or an individual family, allowing for Low, Intermediate and High intensity workouts.


There are  many benefits of exercise.  These include: Improved cardiovascular function, improved fitness, increased strength, decreased stress, weight loss, boosting of confidence & improved self image.

Exercise sessions can include one or more of the following:

Group sessions

Max 20 participants can enjoy a 1 hour session of any one of the options or a combination of aerobics, pilates , stretch & strength.


Weekend session include minimum 3 sessions of exercise or yoga.


Costs are tailored to each group.

Private sessions

Family packages are tailored to each family member depending on their goals and requirements. A screening process is included to monitor progress.


Sessions can vary over time as individuals show improvement.

Families may elect to do sessions as a unit

(e.g. outdoor adventures)


Costs are tailored to each family.


A qualified yoga teacher takes participants through the five points of yoga. Yoga (meaning unity) is a life of self discipline based on simple living and high thinking. The body has specific requirements which must be fulfilled for it to function smoothly:

  • +  Proper Exercise - Asanas

    The Asanas (Yogic physical exercises) are designed to develop not only the body, but they broaden the mental faculties and spiritual capacities. Performed slowly and consciously these exercised go far beyond mere physical benefits - they become a mental exercise in concentration & meditation

  • +  Proper Breathing

    Most people use only a fraction of their lung capacity. Thoughtful management of breath can be a practical daily aid, contributing to health and vitality. Yoga teaches Pranayama, which means control of the Prana (the subtle energy of the vital breath)

  • + Proper Relaxation

    Rest & relaxation are nature's way to recharge. In Order to regulate and balance the body and mind, we need to learn to economize our energy. We do this by learning to relax.

  • + Proper Diet

    Pure, natural foods promote good health. Simple meals aid digestion & assimilation. A healthy diet will help to attain a high standard of life, serenity of mind and keen intellect. Understand that we should "Eat to live, not live to eat"

  • + Positive Thinking & Meditation

    How do we calm our active minds? By turning the  mind inward. Setting regular time and place aside for the specific purpose of discovering the infinite well of wisdom that lies beneath. Meditation cannot be learned any more than one can learn to sleep. It is a state one falls into. Points are given regarding the techniques and stages of meditation.

Meet the team

Diploma in Nutrition, Yoga teacher


I have been inspired  by personal circumstances to explore how food can influence the way our bodies function, particularly when it comes to healing. Modern medicine certainly plays a large role in our society and  focuses mainly on chemical drugs to maintain acceptable levels of disease. In this process  however, we have lost sight of a fundamental factor that influences health: nutrition. The body is designed to heal itself. A balanced diet can reduce  the symptoms and even eliminate most diseases, and most certainly reduces the likelihood of being overweight.


Through my years of yoga teaching, I have witnessed how lives can change when , with self discipline, balance is regained. Simple principles of exercise, breathing, relaxation, diet & meditation can lead to a healthy body and mind.

Miekie Burger

T. +27 (0)82 600 8180


Jalene Burger

T. +27 (0)72 573 2762


Basic personal Fitness and Nutrition

Diploma in Exercise specialization

Pilates, Yoga, First Aid & CPR


My passion for fitness and nutrition stems from 19 years of dance.


I enjoy a healthy lifestyle and understand the importance of balanced, overall wellness.


Guiding clients to lead a healthier, happier life is my goal.

My skills include working with individuals, groups or families.

My qualifications enable me to work with the healthy individual, older adults, children, disabled and obese clients.

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